DSMMCM1415| A&F requires complete overhaul!

Abercrombie and Fitch’s controversial CEO, Mitch Jeffries has stood down this week. The declining clothing company needs a complete revamp of the brand and it’s marketing to turn its performance around.

Will the new CEO be more thoughtful of the market? As previously, A&F said in a statement that they don’t want ‘bigger’ people wearing their brand?! Trio Digital believes this issue needs resolving in order to revamp the brand and marketing strategies!




Tips for Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

Written By: Natasja Fincher

If you’re a small business owner that means it’s time to start planning for the holidays. Are you ready? The team at the GSU-Small Business Development Center has some easy tips that will prepare you and your small business for the most productive holiday season yet!

  1. Let’s Start With The Staff – Start planning early. Depending on your business, the holiday season can be a very busy and stressful time for them as well as you. Consider their needs, and make sure that your holiday prep list includes ways to help them better serve your customers.
  2. Be Aware Of Trends – And Take Part in Shop Local Campaigns – Some of the main reasons people like to shop locally is because they have a desire to support the local economy, to find one-of-a-kind gifts, and because it’s just more convenient. These trends are all in your…

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DSMMCM1415| Honda Skeletor take over

Honda’s Twitter account has been hacked by a toy skeleton named Skeletor and has engaged in high social engagement with Honda’s Twitter followers. This was a PR stunt due to Honda trying to push their car deals..Check out the youtube link via The drums website here and let us know what you think on our twitter page! Remember to use the hashtag #DSMMCM1415

Is this a good form of PR or not?


DSMMCM1415| Monty the penguin

This is the busiest time of year for retailers, and every year the supermarkets are upping their game with Christmas adverts. The John Lewis advert with Monty the penguin seems to be everyones favourite advert, and it has engaged with more consumers than last years bear advert.

Have a look on Media Week and see which advert you prefer, we think they are both heart warming ads!




Trio Digtial #DSMMCM1415 Submission 1

 dusty go DRW DRW is an independent online French wine merchant. They specialise in corporate wine tasting events with a fun and informative edge, which are mainly based in the North West, UK.


  1.   Online wine store.

Wines are available online by the bottle. The hand-picked, specialised products and premium price positioning gives the company a USP that focuses on quality, however it is difficult to compete in this market with major supermarket retailers that also sell wine online.

  1. Online wine related accessories.

Accessories such as wine cases and gift bags can be bought on the DRW website. These accessories are a good opportunity to cross sell, however with the shipping at £10 for each purchase it may be impractical to sell these alone.

  1. Wine tasting events.

DRW specialise in wine tasting events for corporate clients. Targeting only corporate clients could be seen a missed opportunity to target a wider audience of wine-enthusiasts, however it is good to have a select/niche target audience. These events make the company most of its profits, with 2 events per month on average (currently), therefore this is our most important PSO.

comms objectives

  1. Increase DRW social media presence.

Facebook likes: 124 to 500, Twitter followers: 124 to 500, linked-in followers: 8 to 100. Increasing online presence helps to increase in W.O.M communication and interaction with potential clients. This can increase customer retention, however for DRW in the past there has been no correlation between increased followers and acquisition of new customers, so this isn’t our most important objective.

  1. Rank on the first page of Google for searches such as ‘wine tasting Manchester’ and ‘Languedoc/Roussillon wines’.

Using SEO would benefit DRW as it would help them rank higher on Google and increase their potential client base. DRW could build a strategy around targeting certain key words on their website (www.dustyroadwines.co.uk) to increase ranking. One disadvantage is that it can be difficult to rank on Google due to competition, however as ‘the best SEO keyword strategy is to target keyword phrases that are more modest in popularity,’ using less popular words/phrases would help DRW rank higher.

  1. Grow ‘Mail Chimp’ emailing marketing campaign.

DRW can target and encourage direct response from potential clients using email marketing. We have analysed how much traffic is coming in from the current email marketing campaigns, and the average email open rate of subscribers is at 30%, (14% more than industry average) and click through rate is at 3%. Paying for mailing lists may be seen as a disadvantage, however we think this could be the most successful way of acquiring customers for DRW, and are prioritising this as the most important objective.

Danielle Mason- 12110145

Bethany Howard- 12017116

Charlotte Fryer- 12074240