Heinz merge with Kraft Foods

In recent news, Heinz have merged with Kraft Foods. We at Trio Digital think this is a fantastic move for the brand, and we expect lots of exciting new things to happen for them in the future (just as long as they don’t change the Heinz Ketchup recipe!).

Read the full article here on The Drum

Trio Digital



The return of Trio Digital

After a hectic few months, Trio Digital are back together and ready to crack on with our next (and final) #DSMMCM1415 assignment!

We recently had another meeting with Johannah – the owner of Dusty Road Wines.

The meeting was lovely as ever, and it was great to give more guidance to our client using the knowledge we gained from this module! It really is great to see the progress that has been made by Johannah in the last few months since our first meeting, and how the brand has really started to grow on social and digital platforms.

Finally, we are now heading in the right direction with our final assignment.

Stay tuned to see the finished individual pieces…