Assignment 2 – Blog Post 2 – Viability

Blog Post 2 – Suitable Digital/Social Marketing Approaches

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.44.15

Justification of top priority approaches

LinkedIn Advertising:

  • A personalized budget can be set (for clicks and impressions), with no minimum spend. This is important for a business with a small marketing budget.
  • The network average click through rate on LinkedIn advertisements is 0.025 percent, so DRW would need a sufficient budget to hit this target to ensure the campaign can continue
  • Email Marketing:
    • Campaigns can be personalised to target the specific segments and seasons
    • A measurable way for DRW to connect with her consumers and see who is engaging/what campaign techniques are working for the business

    Issues and risks – discarded choices

    LinkedIn Networking:

    • LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals engaging with the platform, however business LinkedIn pages aren’t very personalised and anyone can follow including the wrong target audience
    • An issue with discarding this is that it is where DRW currently finds the most clients (though it proves time consuming)

    Guest blogging:

    • DRW has already been featured in this way on, however this is time consuming and may not generate the desired amount of traffic. In this instance no one has engaged with the post
    • An issue with discarding this is that engaging with other bloggers and having links to the main website has the potential to increase traffic and SEO ranking

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