Assignment 2 – Blog Post 1 – Segmentation & Target Audiences

Segmentation Approaches

We have chosen to combine a B2B demographics and specific behavioural aspects. This two-stage approach ensures accuracy to target our chosen segments accordingly.

B2B demographics – we chose to prioritise this because Dusty Road Wines (DRW) clientele are corporate businesses. We furthered this approach by targeting specific people within the business, such as PA’s or events managers.

Specific behavioral aspects based on search terms – we chose this as it allows us to be specific with chosen key words. Our Geographical approach links into this, as key words can be targeted based on location. Google trends allows us to see related search queries and target key words through this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 18.20.04

Issues and risks

We have justified our choices by the order of priority, and have decided B2B demographics/geographical (based on search terms) are the top priority.

Issues and risks with not prioritising specific behavioral search terms:

  • Missed opportunity to focus on targeting potential customers across the UK (See Figure 1) who are interested in specialised French wines
  • Important to increase SEO links to increase awareness

Issues and risks with not prioritising occasional segmentation:

  • Missed opportunity to push seasonal products
  • Could lose profits due to competitors focusing on these seasons

Target Audiences

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 18.02.22

Issues and risks with Prioritising B2B – Events Manager’s/PA’s:

  • By prioritising this target audience, DRW may be missing out on other types of clients such as focusing on the private parties the company offers
  • If DRW targets PA’s/Events managers during seasonal periods, they may no have the time to read and reply to all their emails

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