Heinz merge with Kraft Foods

In recent news, Heinz have merged with Kraft Foods. We at Trio Digital think this is a fantastic move for the brand, and we expect lots of exciting new things to happen for them in the future (just as long as they don’t change the Heinz Ketchup recipe!).

Read the full article here on The Drum

Trio Digital


The return of Trio Digital

After a hectic few months, Trio Digital are back together and ready to crack on with our next (and final) #DSMMCM1415 assignment!

We recently had another meeting with Johannah – the owner of Dusty Road Wines.

The meeting was lovely as ever, and it was great to give more guidance to our client using the knowledge we gained from this module! It really is great to see the progress that has been made by Johannah in the last few months since our first meeting, and how the brand has really started to grow on social and digital platforms.

Finally, we are now heading in the right direction with our final assignment.

Stay tuned to see the finished individual pieces…

DSMMCM1415| Apple’s new touching ad

Apple have recently created an advert that will make you weep! The advert sees the girl discovering an old vocal her grandma once recorded, which she augments with vocal harmonies and guitar before sending it to her gran’s iPad. The song is sure to bring a tear to your eye just like it did us! Especially when the grandmother gets out pictures of her soldier husband. This is defiantly a new favourite Christmas ad for us! Check out the advert here  Let us know what you think, tweet us using the hashtag #DSMMCM1415  apple

Assignment 2 – Blog Post 3 – Anti-viability

Anti-viability Digital/Social Marketing Approaches

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 20.29.50



  • After looking into competitor’s use of this platform, it is apparent that high price wine companies (such as Campo Viejo) are not acquiring many followers, suggesting there is little customer acquisition on these platforms.


  • PPC may not be suitable due to the budget limitations for DRW’s digital marketing campaign, and we believe using this budget for LinkedIn paid advertising would be more beneficial, as having a small PPC budget may result in fewer conversions


  • Not suitable for a high price wine company, as there are more professional platforms for DRW to engage with her target audience on, as mentioned in previous posts

Assignment 2 – Blog Post 2 – Viability

Blog Post 2 – Suitable Digital/Social Marketing Approaches

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.44.15

Justification of top priority approaches

LinkedIn Advertising:

  • A personalized budget can be set (for clicks and impressions), with no minimum spend. This is important for a business with a small marketing budget.
  • The network average click through rate on LinkedIn advertisements is 0.025 percent, so DRW would need a sufficient budget to hit this target to ensure the campaign can continue
  • Email Marketing:
    • Campaigns can be personalised to target the specific segments and seasons
    • A measurable way for DRW to connect with her consumers and see who is engaging/what campaign techniques are working for the business

    Issues and risks – discarded choices

    LinkedIn Networking:

    • LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals engaging with the platform, however business LinkedIn pages aren’t very personalised and anyone can follow including the wrong target audience
    • An issue with discarding this is that it is where DRW currently finds the most clients (though it proves time consuming)

    Guest blogging:

    • DRW has already been featured in this way on ShopCheshire.co.uk, however this is time consuming and may not generate the desired amount of traffic. In this instance no one has engaged with the post
    • An issue with discarding this is that engaging with other bloggers and having links to the main website has the potential to increase traffic and SEO ranking

Assignment 2 – Blog Post 1 – Segmentation & Target Audiences

Segmentation Approaches

We have chosen to combine a B2B demographics and specific behavioural aspects. This two-stage approach ensures accuracy to target our chosen segments accordingly.

B2B demographics – we chose to prioritise this because Dusty Road Wines (DRW) clientele are corporate businesses. We furthered this approach by targeting specific people within the business, such as PA’s or events managers.

Specific behavioral aspects based on search terms – we chose this as it allows us to be specific with chosen key words. Our Geographical approach links into this, as key words can be targeted based on location. Google trends allows us to see related search queries and target key words through this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 18.20.04

Issues and risks

We have justified our choices by the order of priority, and have decided B2B demographics/geographical (based on search terms) are the top priority.

Issues and risks with not prioritising specific behavioral search terms:

  • Missed opportunity to focus on targeting potential customers across the UK (See Figure 1) who are interested in specialised French wines
  • Important to increase SEO links to increase awareness

Issues and risks with not prioritising occasional segmentation:

  • Missed opportunity to push seasonal products
  • Could lose profits due to competitors focusing on these seasons

Target Audiences

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 18.02.22

Issues and risks with Prioritising B2B – Events Manager’s/PA’s:

  • By prioritising this target audience, DRW may be missing out on other types of clients such as focusing on the private parties the company offers
  • If DRW targets PA’s/Events managers during seasonal periods, they may no have the time to read and reply to all their emails

DSMMCM1415| The end of orange Wednesdays!


Mobile phone company EE has announced an end to Orange Wednesdays! Apparently customers viewing habits have changed over the years and people are watching films on their phones or tablets.  EE (previously Orange) started this offer over a decade ago and here at Trio Digital we think this is a great shame as we loved a Wednesday night 2-4-1 deal at the cinema!

Check out the article here 


DSMMCM1415| A&F requires complete overhaul!

Abercrombie and Fitch’s controversial CEO, Mitch Jeffries has stood down this week. The declining clothing company needs a complete revamp of the brand and it’s marketing to turn its performance around.

Will the new CEO be more thoughtful of the market? As previously, A&F said in a statement that they don’t want ‘bigger’ people wearing their brand?! Trio Digital believes this issue needs resolving in order to revamp the brand and marketing strategies!



Tips for Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

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  1. Let’s Start With The Staff – Start planning early. Depending on your business, the holiday season can be a very busy and stressful time for them as well as you. Consider their needs, and make sure that your holiday prep list includes ways to help them better serve your customers.
  2. Be Aware Of Trends – And Take Part in Shop Local Campaigns – Some of the main reasons people like to shop locally is because they have a desire to support the local economy, to find one-of-a-kind gifts, and because it’s just more convenient. These trends are all in your…

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